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Full Spectrum CBD
Potent Full Spectrum CBD Oil for sale. Formulated for maximum efficacy.
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CBD Isolate
For those wanting pure CBD without any other cannabinoids. Tasteless and great for mixing into your favorite beverage.
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CBD for Pets
Human grade CBD for Cats & Dogs. Formulated for your loyal companion.
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Concentrated CBD RSO. Whole Flower Full Spectrum Concentrate.
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Orange Infused CBD Oil
Craft CBD with all natural Florida orange oil extract.
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CBD Candy
For those looking to enjoy CBD on the go without having their gummies melt. Our Full Spectrum sugar free hard candy CBD is a great alternative!
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High Grade Hemp Extracts: Our Best Sellers

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Our Mission

The Royal Difference: Hemp CBD Oil tinctures made the right way.

Sir Hemp Company’s mission is: “CBD The Right Way™”.  Sir Hemp Co. crafts CBD Oils with distinction.

One of Florida’s first hemp extracts manufacturing facilities striving to have the purest, all-natural products you can find on the market.

Our CBD Oils for sale only consist of two ingredients; Pure CBD and MCT Oil. Our products have a high concentration of CBD with verifiable test results.  Our extracts are not made from high grade hemp seed, but from the industrial hemp plant flower.

Sir Hemp’s hand-crafted extracts are designed with care and compassion with our customer’s needs in mind every step of the way. Our Hemp is grown with no pesticides to ensure the highest quality, pure natural flavors and aromas. 

For those individuals who want the complete and full effect of all cannabinoids, also know as the entourage effect, buy our full spectrum CBD oil with THC. If you seek CBD (cannabinoid oil) only, we offer a crafted Spectrum Isolate that contains exclusively CBD & CBDV.

If you are looking for CBD gummies, we offer a sugar-free CBD candy with all natural peppermint. 

Where can I get CBD oil for sale ?  We not only manufacture, but sell directly to you.  So if you are wondering where to buy CBD Oil, you have come to the right place. We sell our CBD Oil online with FREE USPS Priority Mail Shipping.

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