Full Spectrum CBD Oil

full spectrum cbd oil

Full Spectrum CBD Oil FAQ

Yes our full spectrum hemp extract contains all the naturally occurring cannabinoids found in the hemp plant including CBD (cannabidiol). We formulate our full spectrum CBD oils to have 120mg of CBD per dropperful (1mL). 

It may as it contains up to the federal limit of 0.3% THC.  You can read more about it in our article Does CBD Show Up on a Drug Test.

For our full spectrum CBD tinctures: Our 1800mg CBD Full Spectrum or our 3600mg CBD full spectrum oil you measure how much CBD you are going to take with our graduated dropper.  All our droppers have graduation marks at the .25ml marks, therefore for every .25ml it is 30mg of CBD. You place the tincture under your tongue and hold it there for 60 seconds then swallow.  For our RSO oil you take the size of a grain of rice and place it under your tongue or apply the cbd topically.

You can buy full spectrum cbd oil directly from us.  Orders usually arrive within 1-3 days. We formulate all our cbd oils to have a high concentration of CBD. 

Our full spectrum tinctures have 100% pure MCT oil (c8/c10).

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