Does CBD Oil Get You High?

A question we get asked a lot on our social media (IG: @SirHempCo) and via e-mail is: Does CBD Oil Get You High? CBD extracts have a bad rap due largely to misconceptions and misunderstanding of what an industrial hemp extract oil is. I have had personal family friends say to my face that you sell dope… Clearly these individuals are victims of large misinformation and misbranding by marijuana companies and others.

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CBD vs. THC : Hemp vs. Marijuana

First, we need to start with, what is CBD Oil. Where does CBD oil come from? What effects can CBD oil have on your body, including the all too often question: Does CBD Oil Get You High? Cannabidiol or CBD for short is one of the many cannabinoids naturally occurring in the industrial hemp plant. Both marijuana and hemp are from the family cannabis sativa plant, the difference being that hemp is bread to have low THC, whereas marijuana is bread to have high THC.

Why is this difference important you may ask? Well THC which is scientifically known as delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol and is the psychoactive (mind altering) compound abundantly found in the marijuana plant. The industrial hemp plant, where true CBD is extracted from contains less than 0.3% THC. This is a Federal mandate. The Farm Bill of 2018 which paved the road to the widespread usage of hemp extracts, including CBD, required this in order for the sale to be legal.

The hemp CBD oil market is flooded with bad apples. Some import CBD from China which is notorious for over fertilizing crops thus yielding hemp that is high in heavy metals. This holds true to many cannabis plants grown in that region.  They try to mask this by exporting CBD gummies which end up being high in heavy metals. Other companies use substandard techniques without any form of quality control to ensure that the final product meets Federal requirements.

When choosing a CBD brand, you must ensure that the company uses an accredited USDA approved third-party lab and has transparency with regards to lab results. You need to ensure that the laboratory results are not only for potency (amount of CBD, THC, as well as other cannabinoids), but test for heavy metals, residual solvents, pesticides, and mycotoxins all of which ensure that the product you purchase is quality. At Sir Hemp Co. all our CBD oils have a QR Code linking to its lab results. You can read more on how to scan your QR code here.

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With a quality product with verifiable laboratory results in hand you can rest assured that the amount of THC, which is what makes a person “high” falls below the Federal maximum of 0.3%. This will ensure that you do not have any mind-altering effects.

Cannabinoids & the Endocannabinoid System

Our bodies have an endocannabinoid system including receptors in the brain. We have natural cannabidiol that help regulate many of our systems that control important functions such as the central nervous system, and immune activity, just to name a couple. Studies have shown that CBD receptors from Hemp attach themselves to our CBD receptors allowing them to flow freely and naturally throughout our bodies allowing them to function at the optimum level, helping us reach “homeostasis”.

Some experts believe in a theory known as clinical endocannabinoid deficiency (CECD). This theory suggests that low endocannabinoid levels in your body or ECS dysfunction can contribute to the development of certain conditions. Studies show that migraine, fibromyalgia, and irritable bowel syndrome might be caused by endocannabinoid deficiency. The endocannabinoid system has two types of receptors: CB1 and CB2. Here lies the difference between how industrial hemp CBD and marijuana is interacts with your body. THC likes to attach to the CB1 receptor which contributes to its intoxicating feeling.

The Entourage Effect

Granted THC in small quantities have proven to be beneficial. Industrial hemp contains other beneficial compounds including minor cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and amino acids.  The effects of THC and CBD when consumed together, these compounds have been shown to work synergistically and increase the healing properties of one another.  This is what is called the “Entourage Effect”. Research has initially shown that the other cannabinoids found in the hemp plant potentiate the benefits of CBD.

Important things to note: Full Spectrum CBD and Drug Test

Given that full spectrum CBD oil contains trace amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol THC one may test positive for marijuana. This includes individuals administered sub-standard drug test which only check for cannabis metabolites. Those individuals concerned about a drug test should definitely steer clear of full-spectrum for that reason. If drug test is not a concern, then yes full spectrum also called full spec CBD for short is definitely the way to go.


Does CBD get you high? No. As long as you purchase from a reputable source, preferably direct from a manufacture like us and the CBD oil purchase comes with a QR code linking to its lab results thus ensuring that it is legal and contains less than 0.3% THC so the psychoactive effects are not apparent. As always, please consult your physician and/or healthcare professional before use, especially if you have preexisting medical conditions, taking prescribed medications, are pregnant, nursing, or suspect a medical condition. Currently CBD is not FDA approved.

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