CBD RSO Oil 600mg

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  • Full Spectrum CBD RSO
  • All Natural Full Extract Cannabis Oil
  • 600mg of CBD per 1mL Syringe
  • Comes in 1mL Syringe for easy dispensing and storage.

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    CBD RSO Oil:

    RSO Oil containing a high concentration of CBD.  Traditionally RSO was manufactured from the marijuana plant containing high levels of delta-9 THC, the psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant.  Industrial hemp on the other hand is bread to contain low levels of THC and high levels of CBD.  The levels have to be less than 0.3% of delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), therefore our RSO CBD will not get you ‘high’.  You will benefit from RSO oils potency and take advantage of all cannabinoids working synergistically, known as the Entourage Effect.

    What is RSO Oil:

    Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO for short is a full extract cannabis oil meant to be taken orally and/or applied topically. Rick Simpson is the gentleman credited with developing the original THC heavy formula back in 2003. RSO is an unrefined potent cannabis oil extracted using alcohol.  The original formula called for isopropyl alcohol.  At Sir Hemp Company we developed a clean RSO oil from CO2 which results in a full extract cannabis oil without any impurities or residual solvents like those found in traditional RSO oils.

    CBD RSO Benefits:

    Feel confident when you take our CBD Rick Simpson Oil you are taking a quality CBD RSO with verifiable lab tests. RSO has shown promising research and additional studies are ongoing as to its benefits*. RSO is a super concentrated version of CBD extracts, therefore contains a more concentrated version of cannabinoids and terpenes naturally found in the hemp plant.

    How to use CBD RSO Oil:

    Due to its high potency Rick Simpson Oil should be taken in small increments. To start dispense .05mL, which is approximately the size of a grain of rice and administer sublingually by placing it under your tongue. Some individuals prefer to apply the RSO CBD oil directly on their skin (topical). Note: this RSO is not intended to be smoked or injected. Therefore, do not attempt to inhale this oil through the use of smokables products/ dabbing or through injection.  Our RSO Oil is meant to be utilized orally or topically ONLY!

    RSO Certificate of Analysis:

    Transparency is Key:

    Our RSO comes with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) verifiable via a QR Code on each product packaging. Test are conducted at an independent ISO-Certified & USDA approved third party laboratory. Lab test for our RSO includes potency of various cannabinoids, test for heavy metals, residual solvents, pathogenic microbiology, and pesticides. This ensures your CBD oil concentrate is quality and safe for use. You should not use any CBD products if they do not contain a QR code linking to its lab test. Your CBD store or manufacture should be transparent in what they sell. At Sir Hemp Company all CBD oils, CBD edibles, and CBD concentrates we manufacture have a QR code linking to it’s lab test.

    Test Results:

    Full Spectrum CBD RSO Oil. Batch: 21-533

    RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) FAQ

    Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO for short is a full extract cannabis oil. RSO oil is an unrefined potent cannabis oil extract.

    The original formula to make RSO called for isopropyl alcohol. At Sir Hemp Company we developed a clean RSO oil from CO2 which results in a full extract cannabis oil without any impurities or residual solvents like those found in traditional RSO oils.

    Due to its high potency Rick Simpson Oil should be taken in small increments. Our RSO dispenser is graduated so you can know how much you are taking. Each line on the RSO syringe is equal to 15 mg. We recommend starting with one or two lines.

    Our RSO Oil is meant to be utilized orally or topically ONLY! Do not inject or inhale.  Since, RSO is so concentrated, it can be very thick and hard to dispense. We recommend placing the RSO syringe in warm water for a few minutes before using. To start, dispense, .05mL, which is approximately the size of a grain of rice and administer sublingually by placing it under your tongue and holding it for 60 seconds then swallow, or applying it directly on your skin. It can also be used to make your own edibles.

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    39 reviews for CBD RSO Oil 600mg

    1. Alexander (verified owner)

      I just used the RSO product for the first time last night. It is amazing! Thank you Sir Hemp Co. Keep up the fantastic products!

    2. Miranda (verified owner)

      I was excited to receive the rso.. last night I took only about the size of a grain of rice under my tongue. I don’t remember falling asleep and I slept very well- better than I have in a very long time. Very impressed. I’m using mine by drops and would like to know just how many mgs I’m using… I’ve read where some say that their rso was really thick and they had a very hard time getting any out but no problems with mine. Thank you Sir Hemp!

    3. Sarah (verified owner)

      Best CBD RSO on the market. I use the high potency tincture normally but use this when I need extra, or to cook with. I have tried about 5 different CBD companies and am done looking, staying here!

    4. Christina (verified owner)

      I bought 3 items. And this is the one I use the most. The graduated syringe makes dispensing this potent cbd oil a breeze. It works for too many things to mention. Great company. Its just as easy to use under the tongue or to put in stuff. The taste is fine. I recommend Sir Hemp Co highly.

    5. Thomas (verified owner)

      My husband is a Veteran. He was very skeptical at first but then when he saw me using it he followed in my steps. This full spectrum RSO CBD oil has helped him so tremendously! Since his first try, we have been recommending CBD to all our close friends who we think we would benefit. Also, the discount they have is an added bonus. Thank you so much Sir Hemp Co. for taking care or our veterans. God bless.

    6. Judith (verified owner)

      I love this product, so calming and helpful for sleep.

    7. John (verified owner)

      A big fan of the high potency tincture CBD. Now they offer an even more concentrated CBD RSO. This is a product I use strictly at night before bed and in moments of pure panic. Extremely helpful for my migraines. Thank you Sir Hemp Co.

    8. Alex (verified owner)

      Love this stuff. Best full spectrum product yet, that I have found. I’m sold!

    9. Cheryl (verified owner)

      I have used tinctures from several other reputable companies and have recently discovered West Palm Beach based Sir Hemp Co . I take their high potency CBD tincture in the mornings. I just received the RSO and am taking it before bed – magical! Compared with the taste of other brands of full spectrum drops, this is amazingly simple. I squirt out a bit on my finger and place under my tongue, wait 90 seconds or so, then take a sip of water. I’m thrilled to have found Sir Hemp and can’t say enough the difference these products have made for my quality of life.

    10. Kari (verified owner)

      I have cancer and this RSO is a God send! Thank you so much Sir Hemp Co. God Bless!!!

    11. Derrick (verified owner)

      I just received my order in the mail and this full spectrum RSO cbd oil is awesome. I took the RSO about 45 minutes ago and I feel more relaxed than I have felt in an extremely long time. I hope it helps me sleep tonight. Thank you Sir Hemp and also thank you so much for offering discounts. You guys are the best.

    12. Julia (verified owner)

      I ordered the RSO because I saw so many positive reviews, and have had good success with the CBD oil. I take .1ml (the size of a grain of rice)about 30 minutes before bed sublingual, and I get very sleepy in about 10minutes. My sleep is very deep with this product. Highly recommend it, especially if you wake up during the night. Enjoy!

    13. Jeffrey (verified owner)

      I have purchased CBD products for many companies over the past few years, but none come close to the quality and potency of Sir Hemp Co. Absolutely love their products. Wonderful caring company. This RSO CBD oil full spectrum is amazing!

    14. Tiffany (verified owner)

      I began using CBD extracts, oils of various types and brands about 3 years ago. By now, I’ve tried almost every major brand. Nobody..& I mean nobody comes close to Sir Hemp full spectrum RSO oil. Now, I ONLY buy Sir Hemp RSO. My wife uses it as well and it lasts a very long time. Two thumbs up for this great company.

    15. Haley (verified owner)

      It either reduces the swelling or it lets me forget about it. Either way, thats a plus!

    16. Chelsea (verified owner)

      I just got my first syringe of rso and it saved me last night. i had to adjust my dose for my symptoms, but it worked almost immediately. thank you for your discount. this is a life saver

    17. Emily (verified owner)

      Very good quality. Would recommend for anyone sore like with RA and hard to sleep at night with soreness.

    18. Ryan (verified owner)

      Works better than any other cbd oils i have tried in the last 5 years.

    19. Chelsey (verified owner)

      This works great for my neurological disease. Gave me a lot of relief.

    20. Cynthia (verified owner)

      Pain relief and sleep in a tube. Someone who is new to cannabis may get a buzz, as there is some THC in here, I however did not. Definitely great for morning, afternoon, and night time pain relief. Mixes great with other strains, I like to use it as a cannabidiol booster throughout the day. I recommend this product highly, especially if your like me with seizures, chronic pain, and sleep/anxiety problems.

    21. Joseph (verified owner)

      Works great! Thank you Sir Hemp for making a quality CBD Rso!

    22. Faith (verified owner)

      Great help with inflammation and pain.

    23. Erin (verified owner)

      My husband is retired from the military and suffers from some issues. When he uses a small amount of this he can become relaxed not be on any other substance and he also sleeps through the night with this with no nightmares. This is an absolute miracle and we are so thankful for this company and their generous military discount so that we are able to use this product. Thank you Sir Hemp Co.

    24. Taylor (verified owner)

      This stuff is REAL good. Put it on a piece of chocolate, and wait about 1-2 hrs. Best full extract cannabis oil (rick simpson oil) of CBD I have had!

    25. Ethan (verified owner)

      Highly recommended. I put a small drop on my finger then place it under my tounge before I go to sleep.

    26. Lisa Yu (verified owner)

      Really amazing RSO & CBD oils company! I’m always happy with my orders & so grateful for your generosity by having such a kind discount program! I couldn’t use your products at this time without it!

    27. Kimberly (verified owner)

      It also helps with muscle spasm control. Thank you for making such a great quality product.

    28. Thomas (verified owner)

      My husband has a blood disorder that can sometimes lead to cancer, so he’s been using CBD oil as part of a healthy program & I also take it as a preventative. So far his numbers have remained the same & the disorder has not progressed & I believe at least part of that is due to ingesting the RSO CBD oil every evening.

    29. Teresa (verified owner)

      Works well. I put this on a piece of chewy ginger candy n let it melt away until I chewed it down. Fast acting! Relaxed my sore, tired body

    30. Linda (verified owner)

      Fantastic product and great customer service. Sir Hemp is the place to go for anything CBD.

    31. Wanda (verified owner)

      This CBD RSO from Sir Hemp is well worth the price and stands out from the run of the mill products that are being flushed out to the public since CBD has been proven to be legitimate. Sir Hemp Co is a trustworthy and proven provider of quality products. I’ve been using their CBD tincture for the last year and they work their natural magic. Now that they have a highly concentrated CBD RSO I am thrilled. My chronic pain and PTSD demons have been tamed.

    32. Angela (verified owner)

      This cbd oil is amazing!

    33. Shane (verified owner)

      I’m very pleased with the effects of the RSO. Good price with the disability discount!!

    34. David (verified owner)

      I always forget how good this is until I run out! Thank you so much for helping me, because the VA wont!

    35. Austin (verified owner)

      Best cbd company that exists period. This company with its assistance program is absolutely outstanding. This Feco/Rso is one of the best on the market.

    36. Stephanie (verified owner)

      The RSO CBD by Sir Hemp is my new favorite full spectrum hemp extract. With about 5mg of CBD per drop, this is a really great value. I take more per day of CBD and this concentration makes it much more affordable and easier than the weaker tinctures. I have tried several different hemp companies and Lazarus Naturals is my favorite. High quality tested extracts and lowest prices on the planet. THANKS!

    37. David (verified owner)

      This stuff really works!

    38. Julie (verified owner)

      Took a 100mg of this oil. I definitely felt much more relaxed. In a great mood. But the taste is horrible. But worth it.

    39. Anna (verified owner)

      My husband has been using Sir Hemp cbd rso for over two months and this product has changed him for the better !!!!

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