Cure-All or Just Hype? Understanding CBD Benefits

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Are you considering CBD oil to help with certain conditions? CBD is one of the most controversial subjects whenever it’s brought up. It’s been going back and forth on the legal front, and it’s been raising speculations from many concerned individuals for many years. However, thanks to the right circumstances, CBD, CBD oils, and other CBD products are now available to a lot of people around the country. Since it became legal in different states, there have been reports talking about different CBD benefits. Some state that it helps with their sleeplessness, while others say that it helps them get over their anxiety issues. How can you be sure that these claims are real, though? What if it’s all hype around the newly legalized substance? To know the answer, read what’s below to understand CBD, its benefits, and what makes it so popular.

What Makes CBD So Popular?

CBD isn’t only popular because it’s finally legalized. The bulk of its popularity is because of the variety of CBD products available. There are topicals and creams that people can apply to their skin. There are also edibles that allow a person to enjoy CBD in a different medium. In fact, there are some CBD oils that people can use as a cooking oil substitute. This ensures that the user produces interesting dishes with even more interesting effects. For those who prefer taking in CBD in a more traditional method, there are even CBD vape cartridges available. Unlike most CBD intake methods, you’ll feel the effects faster taken as such. The biggest factor that helped CBD become popular, though, is its relaxant properties. People who take in CBD through any means feel mellowed out in a few minutes. This is why most people think that people under the influence of CBD appear to be high. It’s worth noting, though, that this is not the case. This is another factor that contributes to the popularity of CBD in the market today. This is all because of the ease with which vendors can acquire it. Because of its legalization in some states, it’s easier to manufacture CBD. This removes the element of uncertainty that most CBD products have. Reputable CBD manufacturers and vendors can always assure that CBD is top-quality. Because they’re widely available now, people can get them for cheap, too! Here’s a pricing list so you know what you’ll have to deal with when buying CBD products.

Different Uses of CBD

Now that you know why it’s so popular, let’s move on to the claims. It’s time to see whether CBD is helpful, or is all hype. Here’s a list of some of the CBD benefits you can reap.

Great at Preventing Epileptic Episodes

As mentioned above, many people are still worried about CBD getting people high. What they don’t know is that most CBD products have THC, the primary component that causes the psychoactive effects of marijuana, extracted from them. This leaves them with little to no traces of THC in them. Most anti-epileptic CBD medications are like this. There’s even a CBD oral solution approved by the FDA to help manage certain epilepsy disorders like Dravet and Lennox-Gastaut Syndromes. Patients suffering from these conditions have a noticeable drop in the frequency of epileptic seizures upon taking CBD. While the evidence is anecdotal, further research is now possible thanks to relaxed regulations. We’ll likely see what makes CBD effective in treating these conditions in the near future.1

Improves the User’s Appetite

Many conditions prevent a person from ingesting too much food, or any food at all in some cases. This can lead to the degradation of the body as it’s not getting a sufficient amount of nutrients. CBD will help by binding the cannabinoid receptors to your body, stimulating them to be more active. These receptors are in charge of various physiological processes. Among which are pain sensations, mood, and appetite.2

Helps With Anxiety

Anxiety is a major issue for around 40 million adults in the USA. It prevents them from performing certain acts like speaking to a crowd. This is often because their nerves tend to start overreacting, causing physical manifestations of anxiety such as shakes or hyperventilation. What’s great is that CBD helps by relieving the user of anxiety and its symptoms. It does so by interacting with the cannabinoid receptors to help your nerves calm down. Instead of your neurons getting excited, they’ll normalize. This helps you calm down and take a breather. This property is why a lot of people take CBD for anxiety. This quality of CBD is also what makes it effective as a treatment against PTSD. People suffering from PTSD often hyperventilate at first. This causes rapid changes in their body to react in order to cope with the sudden change of pace. CBD helps by helping neurons slow down to prevent the person from overreacting. This also applies to the rest of the body, preventing further side effects of PTSD. 3

Amazing For Pain Relief

As mentioned above, CBD acts as a muscle relaxant when introduced into the body. This is what makes it great at aiding people with pain relief. This is what makes it effective against muscle spasms and such. Relaxing the muscles mean that they won’t contract violently anymore. This is beneficial for athletes who’ve done their routine prior to the spasm. Spasms often happen when a hyperactive muscle doesn’t get cooled down after a rigorous session. CBD products, often edibles, help ease the spasms or end them altogether. CBD also has anti-inflammatory properties that help the user recover from pain. When something becomes inflamed, the tissues start pressing against its nerve endings. This is why you feel pain when something starts swelling, especially when something touches it. CBD works to reduce the swelling in your body. This is because CBD influences the nerves to become less susceptible to pain, desensitizing them to the sensation. Once the body recognizes that there’s no pain involved, the tissues begin to relax, bringing the swelling down to a minimum. This is why lots of people take CBD for migraines, arthritis, and even chronic pains. 4

Helps With Certain Types of Cancer

Besides using CBD for pain, people also take in CBD to help with certain types of cancer. Cancer is the rapid cellular growth in an area of the body. This often causes that area of the body to become inflamed. As you can imagine, this can cause great pain to the person experiencing it. This is why many recommend using CBD to deal with the side effects of certain types of cancer. This means less pain to deal with during this already harrowing ordeal. What’s great is that CBD can even change the way that certain cells reproduce. Tumor cells are among them, which means that CBD can be effective in preventing the growth of certain cancer types. Intestinal cancer is among the cancers that grow from tumor cells. CBD prevents it from growing and obstructing your intestinal tract from the get-go. 5

Can Aid in Fighting Insomnia

Insomnia can be a plague that can get worse when not treated immediately. A person suffering from a lack of sleep will feel slower at first. They will respond slower to every stimulus that they encounter. This can mean disaster as it’s a surefire way to get into accidents. A sleep-deprived individual will also experience a host of health problems. This makes it important that they do what they can to correct it soon. The primary cause of insomnia preventing the person from feeling relaxed enough to sleep is anxiety. As mentioned above, CBD also helps fight off anxiety and its effects. This leaves them feeling more relaxed than they were before. This is often enough for them to get a good night’s sleep in. If that wasn’t enough, CBD also helps people stay asleep. The effect persists through sleep, keeping the user in a state of relaxation. 6,7

Protects You Against Neurodegenerative Diseases

One of the biggest obstacles that everyone faces in life is a degenerative disease. Things like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s are among these diseases. No one is safe from them since their primary cause is the aging of the nerves. As nerves age, the myelin sheaths that cover them begin to degenerate. This causes nerve functions to slow down or cease entirely. CBD helps by slowing down the degeneration of the nerves. This is because it keeps the nerves active. CBD stimulates the receptors of each nerve, keeping them relevant in the body. CBD also prevents the migration of T-cells across the blood-brain barrier. These cells are responsible for speeding up the degeneration of the myelin sheath. Preventing them from entering the brain stops the autoimmune response that triggers this. 8

Aids Against Acne

As mentioned above, CBD can also come as topical creams and such. These products are what helps it become a great solution to acne. Acne happens because of your sebaceous glands. They produce sebum, which promotes the hydration of your skin. This is essential in preventing your skin from drying up. Too much sebum, though, and the oil allows dirt to stick to your skin. When it enters one of your open pores, it causes it to become inflamed. This leads to acne since the sebum that your glands produce can’t escape the pores anymore. Products made from hemp CBD help in two different ways. First, they absorb the oils from your skin to prevent dirt from sticking to it. CBD also reduces inflammation throughout the body. This prevents the sebum from getting trapped, causing acne on your face. 9

Assists in Lowering Blood Pressure

CBD also reduces the risk of heart disease. This often happens because of hypertension, which causes the heart to overwork itself. CBD helps by lowering the blood pressure of the user. A primary cause of hypertension is stress, which we know CBD reduces. It also prevents the person’s blood pressure from increasing too much. This is true even when tested users became exposed to stress-inducing stimuli. Those under the influence didn’t seem to become stressed at all. CBD also helps by promoting efficiency in the heart. The substance shows promise in aiding the heart in pumping blood. This is because users showed that they had less blood remaining in the heart after each beat. This means that there’s less stagnant blood in the body. 10

Helps Battle the Effects of Glaucoma

Glaucoma is another degenerative disease that targets the eyes. Over time, fluid pressure builds around the eye. This pressure causes the eye to lose most of its vision. When left untreated, the damage it can have on the eyes can become permanent. In extreme cases, it can even result in total vision loss in the affected eye. CBD helps by forcing the veins around your eyes to relax. This prevents the pressure from building up in the first place. Another way CBD helps is by targeting the other root cause of glaucoma, diabetes. Diabetics can experience a condition called diabetic retinopathy. It’s when the blood vessels on the retina can get damaged, leading to glaucoma. Some variants of CBD can lessen the effects of diabetes. It does so by helping regulate the blood sugar in the body. Some cases also showed that insulin levels became elevated upon taking CBD. 11

Understand the Different CBD Benefits Today

The hype behind CBD is understandable if you know about the different benefits you can get from using it. Be it CBD oils or other products, they can deliver in helping you with whatever ailment you’re experiencing. Discover the truth behind CBD and how it’s so popular today! Now that you know how CBD benefits you, getting some for yourself may be a good idea. However, with how popular CBD is, a lot of vendors are cashing in on the trend. What you’ll need is a reliable brand to deliver on your CBD experience. Here at Sir Hemp Co., we aim to please and enhance your experience. Check out our selection of premium quality CBD oils and take your pick today!
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