How to Use

CBD Isolate


High Potency CBD Isolate

3600 mg of all natural, non-GMO 100% U.S.A. grown hemp extract goes into making our Craft CBD Isolate. Contains 0% THC! Consist of two ingredients: CBD and organic MCT Oil. Bottle is formulated at 120mg per mL for immediate effects. 

No fillers, coloring, or additives.  Made with care  & compassion.


Dosing Guidelines

           Weight        Mild         |         Severe < 140 lbs.: 30 mg (.25)            90 mg( .75) 141-200 lbs: 30 mg (.25)        120 mg(1.0) > 200 lbs.: 60 mg (.50)          120 mg (1.0)


Take sublingual

Drop desired amount under tongue and hold it for 60 seconds, then swallow.  Should feel effects within 30 minutes. Can also be added to any drink  or food since it is tasteless. Can also be massaged on joints and muscle.

CBD Isolate does not have any THC or psychoactive effects. Studies have shown that CBD isolate can help reduce anxiety, pain and inflammation,  and  reduce seizures in epilepsy.  

Benefits of CIsolate