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High Potency Natural Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Oil 3600mg

High Potency Natural Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Oil 3600mg

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  • Graduated dropper eliminates guesswork
  • 60 Servings per Bottle (60 mg per Serving  – 0.5 mL)
  • 3600 mg of All Natural Full Spectrum CBD Total per Bottle (30mL/1 oz.)
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested with QR code linking to test right on each bottle
  • Available in a smaller bottle (15mL) while retaining the same amount of CBD per mL (120mg per 1mL): High Potency Natural Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1800mg.

High Potency Sir Hemp Co. Full Spectrum CBD Oil 3600mg

CBD oil is an all-natural product that can have significant benefits on a number of different issues. As science has well-established by this point, the more concentrated a CBD solution is, the more benefits you can experience using it. This full-spectrum CBD oil is packed with over 120 mg of CBD per 1 mL, making it one of the most concentrated CBD solutions on the market.

Dose your Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Oil

  • 60 mg per Suggested Serving (.5 mL)
  • 60 Servings per Bottle: 30 mL (3600 mg)
  • Third Party Tested: Verifiable via QR Code on Bottle

Made Naturally and Sustainably

Sir Hemp Co. full-spectrum CBD oil is made without the addition of any artificial coloring agents, additives, or fillers, making it a premier CBD oil. Sustainably-made products are key to making a healthier environment, which is why the CBD grown for this product contains no pesticides or artificial additives that could tarnish its quality, flavor, or effectiveness.

Easy to Use and Administer

You might be wondering exactly how to make use of this product, but it’s simpler than you might’ve thought. Simply administer the oil directly under your tongue for fast-acting effects, or put it into a beverage or meal to achieve the same results. Whatever your preferred method of utilizing CBD, its effectiveness won’t be inhibited or affected.

Comes in Non-Toxic Packaging

With a lead-free dropper and ethically-made bottles, this CBD extract comes guilt-free of any harmful effects to the environment. When you buy CBD oil, buying non-toxic products can help ensure a reduction of your carbon footprint, while also reducing the number of pollutants and irritants getting into the environment as a result of toxic product waste.

Easily Stored and Maintained

CBD oil has a long shelf life, and lasts for almost as long as stored correctly. Store this product in a cool, dark place without direct contact with sunlight to ensure it stays potent and effective. Sunlight, along with high temperatures, can kill cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are the active compounds in CBD oils and extracts, so storage in a cupboard or similar dark enclosed space is the way to go.

Simple Manufacturing Process

Our CBD oil is harvested only from premium hemp that has been grown in safe and quality environments. CBD that has been extracted from lesser plants will be less effective in potency, and also may decline in quality at a faster rate than our high-quality CBD extracts.

High Potency Means Less Product Needed

With a potency as high as 120 mg per 1 mL, this full-spectrum CBD oil only needs to be applied a few drops at a time, making each bottle have a longer shelf life than other products on the market. Not only is the shelf life longer, but the product itself works in smaller amounts, meaning only a drop to a beverage or meal a few times a day will have the same effectiveness as much larger amounts of less potent products. This saves you money in the long run.

Want to try our smaller bottle first?  Be sure to check out our High Potency Natural Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1800mg.

Unlike THC (the main compound in marijuana), hemp flower derived CBD is non intoxicating and will not make you feel any negative psychoactive effects. Instead, some research has found that hemp derived CBD can reduce stresses, which means it’s likely to help you feel more relaxed.

Read more about our Potent Hemp Extracts review on the Ministry of Hemp website here!

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Customer Reviews

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Fast shipping, good packaging, and good product. Very reputable company, thank you.


I've been using this tincture for quite awhile now and it helps me very much with so many different issues that I got going on. I love this product, not only because it's the best I've tried, but their prices are lower than any other place I checked in to. They have great customer service and if by some chance somethings wrong, they'll take care of it immediately. They also have a program for veterans and people who are disabled. You don't have to look any further than here to find what you want and the highest quality anywhere. I wish other companies would do business like Sir Hemp Co. I highly recommend this product and all the other products that I've tried, were the same. The best!


My wife & I take CBD for different reasons but the outcome is always the always works!!!! Sir Hemp CBD oil helps with my wifes battles with discomfort and worry when she sleeps and helps her rest throughout the night. I have been using CBD oil for years for my headaches/migraines and Sir Hemp Co CBD is always the first thing I grab.


Use product to help alleviate discomfort. So far I have noticed quite a difference, especially going down steps, and throughout the day.


I can not thanks you all for what you do for the Veterans and those seeking such beyond high quality products to make our well being and pocketbooks so very very nice and affordable! Again.. Thank you ALL so very very much for being the high caliber company YOU ARE, that cares DEEPLY for their customers!!! Blessings on each and everyone of you all at Sir Hemp Company!!!